2018 - digitelle creative


it all started in a small surf town...

digitelle creative is a woman-owned digital marketing agency which infuses creativity into your brand, business and life.

I'm already in love with you and your business.


I'm literally obsessed with creating businesses - which means I need to work with yours instead of owning twelve. I wake up every day ready to imagine your business in a new colour, with new words, swamped with customers. 


I started business development in 1989 when I created my first home cleaning empire ( big word for a grade nine student.) I didn't love cleaning the homes as much as I did making the logo, name, business card and flyers. 


From there I latched on to the incredible high of being an entrepreneur. In 2007 ( after school, kids and surviving my twenties) I opened a baby boutique in the picturesque village of Ucluelet on Vancouver Island with my bff. We expanded to two stores. Ukee Baby and Tuff Kids Boutique. 



In 2010 I started writing as a career. This lead to the realization that I love words and how important they are to people. How I could make someone cry, laugh, snort, wonder, and dream. I was published in three Anthologies and am a cadre writer for Blunt Moms and a Huffington Post contributor.


I absolutely want to meet with you and hear your dreams. Digitelle Creative is all about launching your ideas into reality. We want your business to shine, thrive and bring you daily joy.


Let's hang out with some coffee and a notebook and see where we end up..


Angila Peters