digital services


Website - Build From Scratch ( starting at $499)

Website Redesign / Refresh ( starting at $399)

We start each build or refresh with a full discovery session - virtually or in person at our office.

We want to know your needs, vision, and business before we create.

social media

Social Media Strategy  ($199/month)

- we give you your monthly social media strategy prompts, templates and direction.

- this is perfect for a business with a dedicated staff member to schedule and execute your posts.


Social Media Management (starting at $399/ month)

- one platform ( Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)

- 5 posts a week ( original and curated content, researched for your Industry, engagement posts)

-original graphics

- monthly analytics

- respond to comments and messages when appropriate.

-platform bio updates/cover photo redesign


Additional Platforms ($ 199 each)

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