• Angila Peters

How many times should your business post on social media?

Many experts recommend a set number of posts per day by platform.

The generally-recommend ranges are:

Facebook: one to three

Twitter: five to 15

Instagram: one to two

Pinterest: five to 30

LinkedIn: one to two

However - the quality of your posts should always trump the quantity.

You must engage, educate and entertain your audience if you want to keep them interested. So if you have to pick a nice, well thought out post over trying to meet unrealistic goals - provide VALUE!

How much time do you need to do all of those posts?

If you were to keep up with the experts you would be posting and creating content ALL DAY!!

If you are doing it solo you must streamline.

Start with ONE platform and master that.

Create a following there and invite them to your other platform. Choose the one platform you know your audience is on. Use your insights and analytics to understand what your fans like and don't like.

Also, learn how to schedule your posts ahead of time with tools like Buffer - where you can get amazing analytics, schedule your week or month all at once and repost posts that did well.

IF social media for your business is the bain of your existence and it is actually getting in the way of you being productive - get help.

You absolutely need a social media presence - for so many reasons - so either get a strategy in place or hire out.

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