• Angila Peters

Things you are doing to ruin your marketing and how to fix them.

I hate seeing money lost to wasted marketing.

I’ve heard many a business owner grumble that marketing gets them nowhere and the last guy they used was no good.

Often the problem is their marketing strategy is ineffective and the tools they are using don’t work.

A small business is already stretched and when it comes to spending more on marketing but getting no results - it’s no wonder people are frustrated.

To help you understand where you could be losing money and ambition here are the most common ways you are bad marketing - and how to FIX it.

1) Using social media to build a following. If you are using social media to “build a following” that’s not enough.Sadly Mr. Facebook has made it so you have to “pay to play.” Most people aren’t seeing all the effort you are putting into your posts - even the funny ones.How do you fix this?Ad prices aren’t too hefty right now so I would recommend using social media to build your email list. This way you can contact and communicate with them directly - for free. 2) Giving up too soon and expecting miracles. Many small businesses start strong, but then, within months, fail.The problem?Expecting Miracles. They wanted and needed results within a few months. When that didn’t happen, they waled away.The solution?Give yourself at least two years. Use a target marketing strategy to build up your business. Create as much content as you can and pay to promote it. 3) Forget to Study Your Audience. If you don’t understand your target market, you might as well flush that marketing money down the drain.Marketing’s ONLY purpose is to FIND people who love your brand - but if you don’t even know them - how are you expecting this to work?? The solution?Find out what keeps them up at night. What causes them emotions. Find out where they are and learn all about them. 4) Dumping a Large amount of money into ONE big ad. With a limited market and little research, most businesses think if they just throw a lot of money on this one marketing tactic it will hit the jackpot. Nope. This is bad. The solution? Test your ads first with small amounts of money. Study analytics. Then build up the budget slowly and retarget the people who engaged with you and create a lookalike audience to keep growing! 5) Speaking of Analytics. Are you even using your analytics?Most small businesses don’t have a good answer to this question because they don’t know how it all works.The solution?Start with your Facebook Insights and learn as much as you can about your posts and audience. Learn Google Analytics and study everything. 6) You’re trying to do too much. As a small business, you’ve got limited resources. You don’t have a marketing team. Usually, it’s you and maybe two other employees.You can’t do it all. You can’t be on every social platform, publish content everywhere, or try every new marketing trick that comes along.Solution?Focus on REALLY knowing your audience and using the social media platforms, websites and marketing tools THEY like. 7) You haven’t updated or created a marketing strategy. Marketing is a fast-running animal. You have to try new things and that means sitting down and learning the basics at the very least. Once you have that mastered pick a new shiny tactic and run with that. As soon as you can hire help - do it.But until then, sit down and create a plan! Know what your strengths are and what you have to delegate! Need a plan? Let's Chat.

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