• Angila Peters

How coaches, counsellors and service providers can lead everyone through the Corona Virus.

If you are an entrepreneur who helps others - this is your time to show up for your customers/clients/audience. The entire world is at your attention. You are the services that provide help in one form or another.

Coaches and counsellors, consultants and advisors for any industry have a real opportunity in front of them. Not to cash in on worry and despair but to be a leader.

Since we are being encourage and instructed to distance ourselves socially, we need to get creative and online with our helping.

This is the time to offer education and engagement even entertainment in the form of content. A blog post, a video, a live on Facebook or Instagram a phone consult for FREE. This is a perfect time to relaunch a free ebook about how you help, or create one.

People are worried right now and they need to see those who help - willing to share their resources - which is your knowledge, your activities, your recommendations and your sincerity to their problems.

If you have an online group - go to them and ask what they need. Be the source of information for them. Especially if you are a coach or counsellor who deals with mindset, mental health, anxiety, depression, isolation.

If you are a fitness/health coach tell us how to stay active when the gym is closed. Teach us what to eat to lower our anxiety. If you are a financial coach tell us where to spend and how to save.

Blog posts are simple to to write when they are lists, how to, and resource based. This is the time to create a blog if you don't have one. If you want, you can also do a long form post on your Facebook or Instagram. If you need help setting up a blog let me know.

If you are a business helper, please ease worries like I am, for your clients. Plan the next moves for them. This is crucial for businesses to know what to do now and prepare for what to do next.

Not only is the helpful for your clients, customers and new audiences searching for answers, this is the community, caring, right thing to do.

When things return to normal ( and they will...) they will remember who was there to help them. They will remember who stood up to lead the way through uncertainty and worry. You will have built trust, connections and genuinely lead from your heart. That is what we all need right now.

If you are a helper / service provider please reach out to us for ideas on how you can be a leader

If you are a worried entrepreneur connect with us as well.


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