• Angila Peters

How To Keep Your Business Going During the Corona Virus.

Get Creative with Your Business.

  1. If you can, turn your business into an online, remote business. This can be done with the internet and video streaming, maybe even going as far back in time as using a telephone to talk to your customers. Apps ,such as Facebook, have a video chat or you can have a conference call on Zoom. There is a free version of the Zoom app here.

  2. Offer local sales of your products and leave them on your porch for pick up or on their porch for delivery. Amazon can do it - so can you.

  3. Offer gift certificates to be used later. Give your audience something to look forward to when all of this is over ( because it will end...and normal will return) and give you some security of income coming in. You can make a gift certificate in Google Docs, Canva or Microsoft Word and email it to them. Or put a card in the mail.

Communicate with your audience.

  1. This is the best time to send out a newsletter/email to your audience and tell them your current hours/promotions/protocols etc.

  2. Be present on social media - scheduling positive posts will help calm your audience and remind them that you are still here, you are moving forward with caution but still have products/services for sale.

  3. Answer their questions. Encourage them to post on your social media about what they need from you and answer how you can help them.

“In The Meantime” Marketing

  1. Entertain and educate your audience. Create a blog post. You can do this on your website, or a longer style Facebook and Instagram post. Teach them something about your business or product. They are actively online right now - so be a good distraction.

  2. Get around to that website you have been trying to build. That blog you have never had time for. Refresh your logo/branding/message. Update your mission/vision statement. Hire a marketing agency to do this for you or teach you how to...they need work and distractions too ;)

  3. Great time to learn Canva for your business. This is a free design site where you can learn how to make flyers, business cards, social media posts, ebooks,’s endless really. You can play around with different fonts/designs/templates to help make your social media posts even better.

  4. Prepare for your Re-entry to normal business hours sale/promotion/life. People will be so happy to get out of their homes in the next few weeks. They will start spending more, they will settle back into routine. Be prepared to offer them something enticing to make up for the time they were gone.

  5. Plan out the rest of this year's social media or promotions/content on a spreadsheet. You will thank yourself when things get busier again.

  6. Create a small course online or a webinar to keep your audience informed/entertained/buying from you. This can be as simple as hosting a call on Zoom or a Private Facebook group Live chat/class. If you need help with this just ask.

Your Sanity

  1. The first thing is to NOT catastrophize this situation. I know it is scary and we haven’t been down this exact road before. But. It will be ok. It will get back to “normal.”

  2. Listen to the news/media in small doses. Find out what the protocols/closures/cancellations are and then resist “rabbit-holing” down the internet of fear. Your mental health still has to be a priority. It's a great time to invest in local handmade soaps/bath bombs/Epsom salts...have a bath.

  3. Read up on your businesses’ industry. Invest online in your education and skills. Hire a coach right now who has lots of time to deliver a one-hour session via video from anywhere in the world. Try an online course. Buy books. If you don’t want to go to the bookstore try

  4. Don’t give up. Do not throw in the towel on your business. If you are scared, if you are feeling alone - reach out. Call a friend, ask a business coach to help you, find a listening ear who will help guide you through this time. But do not give up.

If you are struggling with a plan for moving forward please contact us at for more help.

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