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Lana Hodgins, Owner of Beautiful Empowered You!

Sat down ( via email....) with Woodstock’s Lana Hodgins of Beautiful Empowered You!

Lana is an incredible asset to the community and enhances the daily lives of children. She is a constant contributor to events, sponsoring projects and collaborating with other business to help raise awareness of empowering young women.

Can you tell us what Beautiful Empowered YOU! Is?

We believe that empowered women empower women, and the younger we learn that the better!!

I am Certified Life Coach that specializes in kids, and I have a certificate in Childhood Anxiety!

I am a mom of three and as a child I had severe anxiety and stressed myself out so much that I ended up with mono by the end of grade 9. I slept for three months.

I originally became a life coach for women and thought I was going to help overwhelmed working moms because that's what I was! I had a few clients ask me to work with their teen daughters and quite frankly, they scared the heck outta me! These young ladies had no idea how to organize themselves and were so stressed out they were already engaging in very risky behaviour. I kept thinking, I need to get these girls when they are younger to help them figure this stuff out BEFORE they hit high school and FREAK OUT!

How did you come up with the idea?

Late one Friday night, I was laying in bed scrolling through Facebook, when I came across one mother's desperate plea for help. Her daughter was being bullied relentlessly at school. She didn’t have the words to help her daughter because she too had been bullied and had no confidence in herself. The advice she was getting say the least. I tossed and turned and kept thinking “SOMEONE needs to help this woman and her daughter!!” Around 2 am a lightbulb went off in my brain and I thought, “well you are a life coach dummy, maybe you could help them!” I jumped out of bed and starting writing and writing and came up with Beautiful Empowered YOU!

I did a lot of research, took extra courses and got a certificate in childhood anxiety.

Tell us about your business partner.

My business partner is an amazing, quietly confident, thoughtful and an intelligent young lady, who just happens to be my 12 year old daughter! Ella has been a part of Beautiful Empowered YOU! since it’s inception. She is always thinking of new ideas to help inspire girls and help them find their path in life, all while working on discovering her own path! It’s been so awesome to see her grow not only as a person but as an entrepreneur as well!

How does BEY! help kids?

Beautiful Empowered YOU! helps kids in lots of different ways!

I provide 1:1 personal empowerment sessions as a life coach.

We also have full day Workshops, a 6 week Be YOU!

Club, mini workshops and we have teamed up with Little Yoga Garden to bring the girls a weekend retreat!

We really just want to help kids, so if you are interested in any of our programs, but money is a little right right now, talk to us. We get it!

Tell us about the journal and why you came up with that idea.

Ella and I had been trying to find a journal to help her organize all that she had going on in her life, and we couldn’t find one that worked, so we created one!

Our journal is a great balance of so many things. Learning how to goal set properly, come up with action plan to accomplish the goals, and accountability to work towards the goal every day.

It teaches kids how to plan their week and be responsible for what needs to happen, show gratitude and kindness for themselves and others, and even has room for thoughts and feelings!

I really wish I had have learned these skills when I was younger!

Order the journal on any of our social media platforms or direct message Lana.

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