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Video Queen - Catherine Perry

Catherine Perry - Videographer - Oxford County and Beyond...

I met Catherine of Catherine Perry Co. about two years ago in a networking group in Woodstock On.

She was a photographer and videographer who was so passionate about her work you could see it from miles away.

Over the last year she has grown a big following with a very good reputation for quality work, professionalism and is absolutely fun to be around.

She also teaches others how to grow their business ( woman after my own heart.)

Her desire to help is infectious and I had the joy of asking her some questions recently...check out our conversation.

If you have a business you need video - everyone will tell you this - but Catherine will tell you why and explain how it will grow your bottom line.

What lead you to your videography business?

Filmmaking was never on my mind. I started vlogging in 2016 and did that for a full year. I started to get excited for the next vlog, and I gradually built up enough confidence to start filming for others. It started with a child's 1st birthday party, then into weddings and progressed into small businesses. I registered my business in 2017 and have never been so happy. I am thankful my husband and my family were so supportive of me otherwise I may have never took that step.

Where is your business located?

I run my business from my home in Woodstock Ontario. Most of my editing I can do on the go or at home and if I have something to film for a local business or event I go to them.

Who are your clients?

My typical customers are small businesses owners. I help them strategize and understand the importance of video, and how they can utilize it for their business to help them grow.

What all can we get when we work with you?

This year I have rebranded and narrowed down my services to better serve you.

Video Marketing Strategy

Content Planning

Editing and Production

YouTube editing and filming

Small business Promotionals

Social media video editing and filming

I also film for events such as weddings, festivals and conferences.

What is your biggest issue in growing your business?

I think my biggest issue is dealing with judging myself based on others work. I do this often as there are many amazing creatives and filmmakers. I think this is something many people do but it is one of things that I work on daily. Another big thing is having so many ideas at once that I want to do them all. I love creating and helping others so being able to say no is something I have started practicing more. If I say yes to everything big and small without thinking about how it will benefit me or my business then I am stressing myself and others around me out.

What inspires you when working?

When it comes to filming and editing it honestly comes in the moment. I first pick a song and that can be the hardest part. Picking a good song that goes along with the mood of the video is important. So once I pick the song the video just starts to come together.

Why do you own a business?

I own my business because for my family it is perfect for our lifestyle. I don’t have any major education behind me and we have always said that we would not put our kids in daycare. It never made sense financially. So now that my kids are in school I can get down to business and create something of my own.

Best part of being an entrepreneur?

My favourite part about being an entrepreneur is figuring out daily how to spell the word without using auto correct. No but seriously I love how I can just go and create something of my own, on my own time. Now being an entrepreneur doesn't mean 9-5, sometimes in the beginning it means longer hours. But it is all worth it in the end if you enjoy what you do and you are proud of the outcome.

Besides business woman - who is Catherine Perry?

A full time wife, mother and housekeeper.

Why should people use your service?

People should use me because I don’t just give them a cookie cutter strategy. I work with them to see where they should be posting, what videos would work best for them and I connect with them one on one. I want to help people thrive not dive. Not only that but I practice what I put out there, so it shows in my business not only that it works for me but that it can work for you as well.

What do you need to grow your business?

For me right now my business needs more space to film and edit. I am currently working on my studio so that will be a big improvement. The other thing is I am planning on expanding and taking on more YouTube Editing Clients, which means I will want to hire another editor to my team.

How do you manage your time?

Time Blocking. If I don’t do this my life would be a mess. I sit down to write out my to do’s and I block so much time in a day off for it. Balance is never attainable in my eyes, but writing out your goals and to do’s is. By taking that action and setting reminders in your phone helps you to be more productive throughout your day.

What's one thing you want people to know...

My business is here to help a business grow. I am determined to help you understand what the power of video has for your brand. It is a great way to connect your audience with you and your product or service. My business helps you dive deep into this world and feel confident knowing that your business is able to stand out from the millions of other businesses out there.

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