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Sharon Ransom - Ransom Drum Lab

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Meet Sharon Ransom. The owner of Ransom Drum Lab in Woodstock, Ontario.

Sharon offers drumming classes to all ages at her newly started home studio.

So how did this local lady boss find herself in L.A. making a Facebook commercial for International Women’s Day?

Well, it all started way back when...

Sharon was supposed to be learning piano. She was supposed to be learning the flute. But Sharon was begging her grade eight music teacher to let her spend recess time on the drums. Thankfully he allowed it.

Sharon said ever since she was little she was composing beats in her mind to things like windshield wipers sloshing back and forth. She was born to drum and teach others the way.

The more you sit with Sharon the more you feel her own beat. She is extremely passionate about sharing her gift of drumming with students of all skills and ages in her home studio.

She opened the doors just this past October. While planning her own wedding she said to her now-husband -” I am opening a drum lab - in our home.”

And she did. She also played a drum solo at her wedding - so it is something she shares with everyone, all the time.

When she is not teaching classes, she is playing gigs or heading up the music program at her church. She is also a member of an online Facebook Group called - Drummergirls United.

It was in that Facebook Group that she saw the audition call for women drummers to send a video clip of them playing drums to Facebook for an audition.

So she sent a clip in. And then it happened. She got the call. A call that for sure was a scam- at least that is what Sharon’s first gut instinct said. Because it is really hard to wrap your head around someone telling you to be in L.A. in two days to shoot a commercial.


I asked her if she had a valid passport and we both joked knowing if it had been expired none of this would have happened. She packed up and flew to L.A. to the sun, in the middle of a Canadian snowstorm.

She was greeted by a chauffeur. Fitted for wardrobe, sent for nails, makeup and hair. A total rock star treatment. And once you see her talent you will know why it is so fitting.

She spent three days with Facebook producers getting the video just right. She met other drumming queens and made connections that will be forever a reminder of her time in L.A.

She couldn’t tell anyone. Sharon says that was the hardest part.

“ It was so hard to be like, I am in L.A. in the middle of a dream and I can’t take a selfie with the Hollywood sign for Facebook.” She did take a lot of pics but had to sit on them until International Women’s Day - when it finally launched.

Facebook wanted to make a tribute to all the women who are raising the volume together. They wanted to shine a light on women-run Facebook Groups - and Sharon is a part of my online Facebook Group - The Real Lady Bosses of Oxford County.

So groups - have changed the game for women. We are gathering online to share, support and connect.

Sharon then shared her experience on her Facebook Page. That video has well over 8 million, yes MILLION views. She said she has had over a thousand friend requests in two days and people as far as Hawaii wanting lessons.

So as a local supporter of women entrepreneurs I reached out to Sharon to get the whole story and this woman is on cloud nine maybe ten. She is humble and terribly excited to keep teaching more students. More than anything she wants to teach others to drum so they can feel what she feels when she plays. If you are local consider taking up the drums and if you want to connect with Sharon online for lessons - it's coming soon. So follow her on Facebook for details.

To learn more or connect with Sharon Ransom and her Drum Lab follow her on Facebook. You can also find her on Instagram.

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